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Refractory installation

Refractory installationRefractory installation
We install refractory in all industrial furnaces.

charcoal - furnaces

charcoal - furnacescharcoal - furnaces
We deliver charcoal furnaces all over the world.

Our company

MOVI refractory: is the specialist in the refractory area. By being active for many years in this industry, we have become one of the leading companies in the Netherlands. Our company has four main activities, namely:

MOVI refractory installation:
assembles refractory materials in furnaces and boilers.

MOVI charcoal furnace:
focuses on the construction of charcoal furnaces around the world.

Interested in our company ?

If you are interested in our company, then look at our company video You get in a few minutes a digital tour of our company.
You can also view the activities separately.

Engineering & Advice

Making the right choices from the wide variety of refractory materials is not easy. MOVI refractories gained a lot of knowledge through the years of experience with refractory materials and therefore we are able to give you a solid advice.
We can create a heat calculation based on a special heat calculation program. We also make the complete assembly drawings using 2D and 3D drawing programs. As we speak about refractory we are the architect and the contractor together.

  Movi refractory

Julianastraat 49
5087 BA Diessen
Tel.  +31 (0)13 504 25 03
Fax. +31 (0)13 504 25 08
E-mail: info@movi.nl