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Movi Vuurvast

About Movi vuurvast

The specialist in refractory

MOVI refractory:
Is the specialist in the field of refractory. By being active in this sector for many years, we have become one of the leading companies in the Netherlands. Our company has 4 main activities, namely:

MOVI refractory installation:
The design and assembly of refractory structures in industrial ovens has been, since its establishment in 1983, MOVI VUURVAST’s main activity.

Given the extremely high temperatures in industrial furnaces, high demands are placed on the cladding. Heat release to the environment must be minimal and the outer cladding of the furnace must not get (too) hot.

Charcoal Furnaces:
With our daily involvement in refractories, it was a natural step for us to expand our range and start selling these high-quality materials as well. Since 1990, we have focused entirely on offering refractory and insulating materials. Our customer base includes fireplace and stove builders, as well as renowned building materials dealers.

MOVI refractory bricks
Movi specialises in producing refractory moulded bricks. These are both bricks for the hearth and stove industry, boiler industry, firefighting industry and other refractory industries. They are produced entirely to the customer’s requirements, dry-fired. For instance, we have been supplying various stove builders at home and abroad for many years.


The beginning of Movi Vuurvast

In 1983, the company was founded by Jan Moors. He started with very limited resources. A bicycle shed as an office, a bedroom as a drawing room and a chicken coop as storage. In the early years, Jan Moors made some big projects abroad including Indonesia and America.

The company grew quickly and after a few years, the first members of staff joined. The business premises became too small and had to grow with it. In 1988, the first production hall was put into use. Since then, we have been located on Julianastraat in Diessen on the “Laardal” industrial estate. The second hall with 2x 10-tonne cranes was taken into use in 1994. From then on, we were able to carry out larger projects in our workshop in Diessen. Kilns 5 metres wide and 25 metres long have long since ceased to be an exception. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and we employ more than 15 people working full-time on refractory. Parttimers and employment agencies regularly have to be called in to manage the work at home and abroad.

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Engineering & Advies

Een compleet advies op maat

De juiste keuze maken uit de grote diversiteit van vuurvaste materialen is niet eenvoudig. MOVI VUURVAST heeft door de jarenlange ervaring met het verwerken van vuurvaste materialen veel kennis opgedaan en hierdoor zijn wij in staat om u een gedegen advies te geven.

Wij kunnen voor u een warmteberekening maken aan de hand van een computerprogramma. Ook maken wij de complete montagetekeningen met behulp van 2D en 3D tekenprogramma’s. Op het gebied van vuurvast zijn wij als het ware de architect en aannemer ineen.

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